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Cathay Pacific

Services provided to Cathay Pacific include:

  • Site Survey and Consultancy
  • Infrastructure documentation and management
  • Project management and installation of LAN infrastucture at 250 Airport, Cargo, Sales and Engineering locations worldwide
  • LAN Design

The Project

Our brief for this global project was to install structured cabling to suit each new GalaCXy PC and printer location, as set out in office plans supplied by Cathay Pacific. We also provided electrical power to meet all new device (PCs, printers and rack mounted network equipment) and UPS requirements.

Magellan produced and supplied ‘as built’ site plans of each site detailing main cable routes, cabinet locations and outlet identification. The project also involved testing newly installed and existing Category 5e/6 copper cabling and installing fibre optic backbone cabling, to provide connectivity for two or more locations at the same site, such as an airport installation.

Magellan’s project management included direct liaison with airport authority infrastructure personnel and controlling all installations from our centre of excellence in Singapore.

The GalaCXy Project’s infrastructure roll-out was completed on time and within budget through the provision of our extensive global network of partners. Having established mutual partnerships with similar organisations in every continent of the world, Magellan is able to respond quickly to any potential project requirements.