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Magellan Announces Cooperation Agreement with CSI Leasing Inc.

Barcelona, 15th April 2015. Magellan announces global cooperation agreement with CSI Leasing Inc. CSI Leasing is one of the largest privately owned, vendor independent, leasing companies in the world with 70 international offices, who specialize in flexible IT life cycle leasing solutions.
Magellan will provide CSI with standardized global service solutions and fixed pricing options for 145 countries, allowing CSI to integrate managed services into their traditional hardware and software leasing package offerings.

Magellan can now also offer our customers the opportunity to conserve capital expenditure (CAPEX) by transferring all IT hardware, software and IT service management costs to an integrated monthly leasing package (typically 3-5 year) via Magellan, as agents of CSI Leasing Inc. This allows you to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), manage cash flows and have predictable operational expenditure (OPEX) costs.

There are also many technological benefits to leasing equipment :-

  • Keep up-to-date equipment in place with a built-in refresh strategy
  • Retrieve and download information regarding your leased assets online
  • Gain flexibility to upgrade technology to meet your changing needs
  • Simplify end of product life, recycling, data wiping and disposal just return the equipment at the end of the lease
  • Or the option to purchase the equipment at fair market value at the end of a leasing contract.