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Tellabs OLT6 Advanced Security Software

Tellabs OLT6 Advanced Security Software Package plays a vital role in ensuring a more secure LAN. It enables centralized network intelligence and management, which means consistent security policies and procedures are implemented error-free. It helps enterprise LANs shrink the network attack surface, and is ideal for zero trust initiatives, since it requires less human touch to manage.

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  • Powerful security measures at the physical layer, data layer, user level and port level
  • Reduces the threat of both internal and external malicious attacks
  • Helps secure infrastructure, macro security program and breach response plans
  • Shrinks the network attack surface, and is ideal for zero trust architecture
  • Deployed in the most secure government and military networks in the USA
  • Positive contributions to HIPAA-compliant and PCI-compliant networks


The U.S. Federal Government and the Military were the early adopters of Tellabs Optical LAN due to its ability to improve network security both at the electronics and across the cabling infrastructure. Today, other industry verticals such as Healthcare, Education, Retail and Financial, are looking toward Optical LAN for the same security benefits.

Simplicity, and less human touch, all contribute to stronger network security and zero trust architecture. As a result of better network security, operational efficiencies and network up-time are all improved together.

Tellabs Optical LAN’s system-wide security and intelligence is managed centrally by OLT and, ultimately, Tellabs PON Manager. From an end-to-end system-wide standpoint, Tellabs Optical LAN provides powerful security measures at the physical layer, and the data layer, as well as users and subtended devices levels.

No company wants to be the victim of a data breach, and no business wants their security weaknesses to be showcased across all media outlets in the event of such an unfortunate breach. No doubt there are real costs for businesses and a negative impact on employees as a result of a breach. Tellabs Advanced Security Software Package provides a means for building more defensible LANs where security policies and procedures are implemented consistently.


Software Support

  • Minimum base software SR31.2


  • OLT6
  • For assistance in installing proper software license, please contact a Tellabs representative or email


  • Access Control List (ACL)
  • Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI)
  • MAC Address Bypass (MACBYPASS)
  • Secure Voice over IP (SIPVOIP)
  • RADIUS-based authentication (RADIUS)
  • PKI-based and certificate security (PKISECURITY)
  • Port Authentication Entity (PAE)

Ordering Information

  • Tellabs Advanced Security Software Package OLT6: 81.SR314ASOLT6


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