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About Us

Privately Owned Multinational Company

Magellan Network Services Pte Ltd is a privately owned multinational company, established in 2001 with headquarters in Singapore and regional support centres in Germany and USA. Magellan specialises in the provision of globally consistent, IT Network Service solutions, in 145 countries, 392 cities and 250 international airports worldwide.


In 1519, this famous Portuguese sea captain – whose story inspired us to choose the name Magellan – commanded a ship that was the first to sail right around the world. Preparing for the voyage took more than a year and, from his ship, Magellan commanded a total of 241 men and a fleet of five ships.

They set out from Spain, sailed across the Atlantic and followed the South American coast to the bay that is now Rio de Janeiro. A year later, after destructive storms and mutiny, Magellan and his remaining crew resumed their voyage and became the first Europeans ever to sail across the Pacific. After living on rats and sawdust for 89 days many of the crew members died.

Several weeks after arriving in the Philippines, Magellan was killed in a battle. His ships were abandoned, destroyed and captured, and only one – the Victoria – managed to continue its voyage back to Spain. Almost three years after they set out, just 18 of the survivors finally reached their starting point – completing a voyage that could never have taken place without Magellan’s foresight and commitment.

In 2000, we chose the name Magellan because we share the same indomitable spirit as this long celebrated explorer. Like him, we are pioneers of our time and have gained knowledge and insight through direct, truly global experience.

Head Office

Magellan Network Services Pte Ltd
Level 8, The Metropolis Tower 2
Singapore 138589



Phone: +1 844 632 0033 (Toll-Free in USA)
Phone: +65 3163 0013 (International)


Phone: +65 6725 6538
Phone: +49 69 9675 9331



Originally part of the SITA / France Telecom Group (from 1991 – 2001), since 2001 Magellan has operated as a completely independent entity and can rely upon 30 years of global services experience and a proven track record with over 5,000 customer reference sites, including security sensitive companies from the aerospace, air transport, and financial services industries as well as the logistics, telecommunications, shipping, government, IT leasing and outsourcing sectors.

Our technology portfolio includes WAN & LAN infrastructure, Internet Security and IP Telephony; incorporating products from our leading network partners such as Cisco, Fortinet, HP, Juniper, Linksys, Motorola and Tellabs, for high profile global organizations such as SITA, Lufthansa German Airlines, Hapag-Lloyd, Cathay Pacific Airways, American Airlines, Telekom Malaysia, EDS and the European Space Agency.

“If you have requirements in multiple countries; would like to be free from having to manage multiple provider relationships and would prefer to have a smooth and cost-efficient service delivery through a single provider. Then please talk to us. Let Magellan be your gateway to the world.” says Robert Lee, CEO and co-founder of Magellan Network Services.

Robert is based in Singapore and was appointed Managing Director of the Magellan Group in April 2009. Robert previously gained a wealth of international experience during his 20 years working within high profile global organisations such as SITA /Orange and Barclays Bank Plc.