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Global Solutions

Deployment & Installation

We are proud to offer solutions across the globe in 6 continents.

Available Services


Magellan has 25 years, worth of international shipping, staging, warehousing and distribution business experience, including politically challenging countries with trade restrictions, product embargoes and complex import or export tax legislation.

WAN Services

Full suite of Internet based network solutions, in particular Internet Security, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Videoconferencing and Voice over IP (VoIP), including the critical Internet Service Provider (ISP) circuit provision and inter ISP connectivity. Maximize your cost efficiencies via Magellan’s long standing and globally established Telco / ISP commercial relationships

LAN Cabling

Cat x UTP / STP copper or single-mode / multi-mode fibre optic structured LAN cabling infrastructure; design, supply, installation, CAD documentation and maintenance.

Campus / Metro

Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) single mode fibre campus backbone network solutions design, supply, installation, CAD as-built  documentation and maintenance e.g. for shopping malls, hospitals, airports, hotels and universities.

Networking Equipment

Routers, Switches, Wireless Routers, Firewall, Servers, Optical LAN Line / Network Terminal (OLT/ONT), Optical Multiplexers – supply, installation and maintenance including business continuity and sparing options.

Centralised Billing

Globally centralised billing (i.e. only one service provider and one consolidated bill to manage) to reduce your administration costs. Qualifies as a VAT exempt international /exported service, thereby completely eliminating VAT recovery issues for you.

Networking Software

Low voltage Data Centre Suite electrical provision, including UPS systems and the latest energy saving and renewable hybrid technology that helps customers reduce their operating costs by up to 70%.

Special Services

Special Services. For our Network Infrastructure Manufacturers, OEMs and System Integrators we also

  • Provide manufacturer or vendor specific installation and service packages that can be combined with the manufacturer´s or vendor´s offering – providing a ‘one stop shop’ Turnkey solution with an end to end Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your customers.
  • Provide ‘white label’ concepts that generate brand awareness, credibility and identity in remote markets. So that a global, consistent installation and service quality level remains under the direct control of the manufacturer/vendor and generates higher end customer satisfaction ratings.