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Magellan is a proven global IT network services provider. We provide centrally managed and consistent product supply, installation and maintenance services in 145 countries and 392 major cities worldwide.

Our customers are typically multinational organisations with complex business operations. Such organisations often face gaps in their overseas service coverage, especially in developing countries. Multiple provider relationships can also exist, which can lead to problems with service consistency and cost efficiency. Local language and cultural differences can add to these challenges. And now there’s the impact of Covid-19, which has paralysed travel – even for relatively short distances within countries. The ongoing uncertainty caused by Covid-19 will only make reliable local service coverage even more essential.

Once part of the SITA / France Telecom Group, for 20 years Magellan’s single provider business model has been solving such problems for our customers. By providing centrally managed global services – consistently delivered, through a remarkable footprint of proven local resources.

Tellabs is a prime example. Tellabs is the world’s leading manufacturer of 2.5G GPON and 10G XGS-PON Passive Optical LAN solutions (Tellabs™ OLAN). Particularly for security conscious business enterprises, government agencies and communication service providers. Tellabs has been a key Magellan customer since 2015. But previously, they experienced similar international service delivery challenges. Now, to provide the best possible services outside of North America, Tellabs conducts its international sales and support operations entirely through Magellan Network Services.

World Expo Dubai Sustainability Pavilion Chooses Magellan and Tellabs Optical LAN To Match their Mission





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Global Solutions

Global Solutions

Magellan specialises in the provision of globally standardised IT Network Infrastructure solutions across 145 countries and 392 cities worldwide.
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Local Support

Our organisation is setup to provide this IT Network Service and Operations capability through a global network of accredited and highly qualified Magellan Premier Partner companies.

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