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Global Solutions

Service & Maintenance

We are proud to offer solutions across the globe in 6 continents.

Available Services

Service Options

Competitive and flexible service level agreements (SLA’s) Ranging from fixed monthly maintenance packages that also cover health checks and preventative maintenance. Through to ‘cost per intervention’ per year or per country service models with variable 24hr / 8hr / 4hr on-site SLA options. Simply buy only what you need – we ensure consistent service quality across all locations and all service options.

Service Footprint

Local support with 24hr / 8hr / 4hr on-site responses, including business continuity and sparing options, are available as standard in 145 countries 392 major cities and 250 international airports Other countries and cities available upon application. We have a global network of 180 Magellan Premier Partner companies and more than 2,500 latest technology trained and certified, IT Field Service Engineers and Project Managers available to provide in-country service with local language and culture.

Spares Management

Including regional storeage, spares replenishment and asset tracking, in-country distribution and on-site replacement and return of deffective components e.g. under an RMA.

Global Service Centre

Magellan’s 24 x 7 x 365 Global Service Centre (GSC) provides a ‘one face’ support contact for our customers, global service and maintenance requirements. Our GSC coordinates and actively supports onsite fault call interventions, scheduled deployments and moves adds and changes (MAC’s) in real time using our global IT service management (ITSM) software platform. Our GSC can interface directly with your Helpdesk or you can even ‘white label’ our service as your own.

Proactive Monitoring

Service availability management through our real time monitoring platform including automated reporting, analytics and statistics. Thus preventive maintenance and ‘health check’ solutions as well as disaster recovery solutions that ensure prioritised and swift service recovery can be provided.

Quality Assurance

ITIL Certification based Service Management methodologies powered by a state of the art incident management tool with defined severity level procedures that ensure high quality of service and customer satisfaction. Detailed site intervention reporting with root causes and failure statistics allow continuous product and service improvements.

End of Product Life

Magellan´s spare part supply chain management, in-country warehousing and logistics allow hardware refreshes, end of product life recycling, data wiping and disposal services. Or alternatively the option to purchase equipment at fair market value at the end of a leasing contract.

Special Services

Special Services. For our Network Infrastructure Manufacturers, OEMs and System Integrators we also

  • Provide a tailored, ‘white label’ manufacturer or vendor service packages that can be bundled with the manufacturer´s/vendor´s solution offering and that substantially saves cost and efforts in resources, infrastructure and processes.
  • Provide ‘white label’ concepts that generate brand awareness, credibility and identity in remote markets. So a global, consistent service quality level remains under direct control of the manufacturer/vendor generating higher end customer satisfaction ratings.