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European Space Agency

Services provided to European Space Agency include:

  • Site Survey and Consultancy
  • LAN Design, Research and Development
  • Project Management and implementation of LAN infrastructures within a campus environment
  • Infrastructure Documentation and Management

The Project

Since its formation in 1975, the European Space Agency (ESA) has been providing a vision of Europe’s future in space and of the benefits for people on the ground that satellites can supply. It also develops the strategies needed to fulfil the vision, through collaborative projects in space science and technology.

In 1991, while operating within SITA / Equant, Magellan was selected as ESA’s sole provider of structured cabling solutions. Working at the forefront of technology we have successfully installed more than 10,000 Category 5 outlets at ESA’s Research and Operational centres in Holland and Spain.

In addition to this original project, we have also installed one of Europe’s largest and most complex fibre optic backbone infrastructures at ESA/ESTEC, their Research and Technology Centre in Holland.

Now, operating independently as Magellan, we continue to provide ESA with structured cabling and optical fibre service support and maintenance. We fulfil the Agency’s requirements for ad-hoc moves, additions and changes to their optical infrastructure with ongoing documentation maintenance.

Through its programmes for launchers, science, telecommunications, Earth observation and manned spaceflight, ESA has demonstrated Europe’s great competence. Europe’s space industries employ 40,000 people directly and 250,000 indirectly, and these numbers continue to grow.


“Travel to any of ESA’s centres and you’ll find teams of experts from various nations working successfully together on tough projects. Please don’t forget how amazing that is. Their grandparents were shooting at one another.”

Antonio Rodotà Director General