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Tellabs OLT6 Advanced Operations Software

Tellabs OLT6 Advanced Operations Software Package helps control processes and ensure policy consistency with more automated and M2M actions. It enables the end-to-end enterprise LAN to be controlled in a software defined management manner. In turn, process and policy consistency is improved, and fewer IT resources are needed to manage the daily network activities allowing IT staff to focus on other more critical tasks.

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  • Uses Tellabs’ industry-leading software-defined global profiles, traffic management, security, provisioning and traffic management mechanisms
  • Global policies increase automation with more machine-to-machine actions and limiting human-to-machine actions
  • Reduce mission-critical yet repetitive operational tasks to effectively zero dollars
  • Providing quick views, fast isolation and easy drill-down uncovers root causes and speeds resolution


The global templates and policies ensure consistency with IT policies and procedures across all business locations. This leads to improved operational efficiencies, better network availability and a more secure network.

From one screen, global templates and profiles associated with user, service, connection and/or port. Once profiles are saved, settings can be assigned to an ONT or port with one click or automated at turn-up based on MAC identifier.

These global templates and profiles enables the IT staff to scale the initial commissioning of an OLT across hundreds of VLANs and thousands of ONTs and subtended powered devices (PDs), such as phones, WAPs and IP cameras.


Software Support
  • Minimum base software SR31.2

  • OLT6
  • For assistance in installing proper software license, please contact a Tellabs representative or email

Software Package
  • SNMP Agent
  • Network Access Control (NAC)  
  • Syslog Support
  • PON Threshold-Crossing Alarms (TCA)
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) 
  • Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) 
  • Web Client, with Web Troubleshooter
  • ONT Auto Configuration
  • Commissioning Wizard, with Add OLT Wizard
  • Multi-tenancy

Ordering Information
  • Tellabs Advanced Operations Software Package OLT1: 81.SR314AOOLT6


The development, release, and timing of features or functionality described for Tellabs’ products remains at Tellabs’ sole discretion. The information that is provided within this data sheet is not a commitment nor legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality.