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Magellan Celebrates its 15th Birthday

Singapore, 2nd January 2016. Magellan celebrates its 15th birthday as a privately owned independent entity and we constantly remind ourselves that our ‘15-year overnight success’ story would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our Premier Partner companies, especially during our early formative years.

Originally part of the SITA / Orange (Orange was formerly France Telecom) Air Transportation Group and now a strongly independent ‘maturing teenager’, Magellan will shortly be embarking on another very large (80+ countries / 150,000 employees) outsource project for a European owned global customer. Such is the size and scope of this project that some local sales support relationships will be necessary directly between our customer and Magellan Premier Partners.

So, to all our valued Premier Partners: please make sure that you continue to login regularly to make sure your Premier Partner profile details and capabilities are always up to date and to securely view the progress of this project as it unfolds in your country or region via the Magellan Premier Partner Bulletin Board.

Also, remember that opportunities coming into Magellan’s sales team, which may not be Magellan’s core business, e.g. application software development – but may very well be of interest to a Premier Partner in a specific country or region – are also immediately posted on the secure Magellan Premier Partner Bulletin Board.

Finally, don’t forget that if you have international customers of your own and wish to extend your service delivery capabilities and coverage, please do let us know and as a further benefit of being a loyal Magellan Premier Partner we can provide you with access to our global community of likeminded partner companies which now spans 145 countries and almost 400 cities.