Distribution Services in APAC

Magellan Expands Value-Added Distribution Services in APAC

Singapore, 14th August 2015. Magellan granted full Importer, Exporter and Distributor license by Singapore Government Customs for global telecoms and IT network infrastructure electronics products, as Magellan takes advantage of its strategic presence in Singapore to expand its value added distributor services capability across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Magellan will now be able to take full advantage of the global free trade agreements (FTA’s) Singapore has in place to import IT manufacturers products duty free from USA and the European Union into Singapore and then export onwards duty free around the ASEAN member countries.  ASEAN (which stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations) has agreed a free trade zone across the Asia Pacific region, similar to the one in place across the European Union.

Working back the other way, Magellan can also now import products from ASEAN FTA countries such as China or Taiwan into Singapore duty free, then export onward to the USA and European Union from Singapore again duty free.

Magellan is therefore able to provide its Network Infrastructure manufacturer customers in particular, with an all inclusive distribution solution covering the entire chain from product import, logistics, and sales channel development, right through to installation, service and maintenance.


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